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Olu Yemisi, an award winning dancer
and choreographer, produces fantastic
performances.Olu Yemisi & Company
perform popular and cultural
Afro dances from the diaspora. They
perform Caribbean dance, Latin dance,
Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Rueda, Merengue,
Mambo, Carnival, African, & African
American dances. The dances are
performed to live or recorded Jazz,
drumming, and polyrhythms. Present
this touring dance company's exciting
repertoire, residencies, master classes,
and interactive educational programs.

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An advocate for Arts and Entertainment
on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
Enthusiasm is high and Olu Yemisi
is getting a listening ear.

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Grow Your Audience. Keep Your Patrons Coming Back With
Live Music, Dance Theater Performances.

We've created excitement for thousands. Be a part of the thrill.
For the Love of Entertainment, Olu Yemisi & Company Dancers
Let us create your next "Breathtaking" experience.

Diaspora Dance: Afro Caribbean, Afro Latin, and Jazz Performances
Awarded Dance Group of the Year

"Electrifying Original Choreography!" Donald D.-Actor-Dancer
"Exceptional! A great choice for your program. -Jonathan Katz CEO of
NASAA National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

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For Booking & Information E-mail:
Olu Yemisi & Company Entertainment
Box 7666
Takoma Park, Maryland 20787 USA
(Metropolitan Washington, D.C.)

We are available for shows, and
workshops abroad. Call 240-429-2063

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Interactive Educational Programs
Enjoy educational workshops that focus
on the dance as well
as the history of the
music and dance.
Present interactive educational programs that combine performance,
demonstrations, and discussion.

Lectures and Talks

Indulge in our lecture presentations. Discover the culture of the music and dance that we perform.
Explore the traditions, dances, and our creative process. Ask about our lecture series.

Parties and Functions

Aquaint your guest with each other through our dynamic dance workshops. Energize them with
our electrifying
dance performances. The party package
is a winner. Treat
your guest to non-
stop fun.

Look no more. We
are the crowd pleasers. Enhance your event with our performances, interactive
programs, master classes, and workshops. Hire us so your festival participants will be well pleased.

Program our intensive seminars and dance workshops on the aspects of Caribbean, Latin,
and African dance. The history of the dances and musical traditions are also a part of the curriculum.

Master Classes
Imagine a dance intensive to enhance your dance studio, college, university, and community programs.
The master class ensemble stretches the dancing abilities of beginner level dancers and professional
level dancers. Give your community this learning experience.

"...dancing in Washington D.C., dancing from Maryland to Virginia, dancing inside the U.S.A., and touring around the world..."Olu Yemisi & Company Dancers; a Caribbean, Afro-Latin, African, and African American cultural dance company for hire. See us on tour.

"Never leave home without your black dance shoes because your black dance shoes got good news. Your black dance shoes will help you use your feet to dance in a lesson, a rehearsal, or a performance. Whatever you choose, don't leave home without your black dance shoes, and please don't loose your black dance shoes because you will have to move with or without your black dance shoes."-Olu Yemisi quote from "Teach Me A Dance Lesson"

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